Play! Genius programming schoolTestimonials from parents

  • Children were naturally exposed to the basics of programming.

    It is very good that children can think spontaneously and have a physical experience. The goal was clear and easy to understand. I liked that the teachers’ style of talking, which was also easy to understand. The children could learn a lot from different parts, such as moving things forward, using teamwork, cooperating with the team, and thinking on their own. I believe it is good to work little by little. The children looked very happy in expanding the degree of freedom (of imagination) and experiencing a big screen.

  • It is good that children can express themselves so freely.

    I thought students struggled with spatial recognition, such as how much was moved in “one step”. I thought it was great that students could experience the joy of being able to express freely by gradually gaining experience. Students looked genuinely interested in the word “programming” and spoke with confidence. I don't think this kind of experience is easy to acquire at school, so I think it will be useful in the future.

  • Children think spontaneously, motivating them to increase their level of understanding on various aspects.

    I thought it was very good to see one teacher instructing at each table. If you have this every week, I think that it will lead to a desire to think and grow. I thought the class was purely about robot programming, but it looked like a lot more fun.

  • It is really good that children can learn how to think mathematically.

    It is really good that children can learn how to think mathematically. Teachers are kind and their explanation is easy to understand. It was great that each child could join just having one tablet. They enjoyed thinking and they could focus on what they were doing.

  • Children could naturally be introduced to the basics of programming.

    I was impressed that children so quickly became accustomed to operating the programs as directed. My children were happy and said that the last week of class was very fun. It was a great opportunity for the children to be able to be introduced to the basics of programming. The children told me that they were really touched when a character that they drew for the first time moved in the display.

  • My child was amazed with moving the pictures that he made.

    My child joined the class without any knowledge about programming, but he was happy and amazed that he could move a picture that he made. Even at home, he talked about how People (meaning the character that he drew) could move, what he could not do, and what he wanted to do next.

  • It was good that children could develop a logical thinking ability and experience human-like learning.

    At firs, I thought of programming as something cold, but it was good that it turned out to be a human-like learning -- like thinking about emotion -- of the moves and the sense of time by adding dialogues. It was the first time for children to enroll in a programming school, and I was happy that they enjoyed learning to program.

  • Children were having fun in a wholesome atmosphere, and excited.

    The fun and wholesome atmosphere was good. It was good that children rarely felt anxious because teachers followed them right away whenever children were confused or stumped. Children can focus on one task without losing interest by utilizing cards for addressing tasks.

  • The class was very new because children used not only their hands but also their whole bodies in the class.

    My son looked forward to going to class every time and said it was very fun. He said it was especially fun that he moved the body and danced not only on the display, but also that he actually used his own body. The class was very new because children used not only their hands but their whole bodies in the class. It was also good that he experienced expressing his opinion.

  • I think this is a good class where children can repeat and learn the basics of programming.

    I believe this is a good class where children can repeat and learn the basics of programming. My child usually only plays video games and he does not like to study. However, he has been interested in programming because it is kind of like video games. Today, he looked very energetic and was enjoying the class, and it was a very good experience for him.

  • It was really good that the contents were appropriate for the children’s interest and the level of understanding

    The directions and study materials are good because they are easy to understand. Both the first and second time, themes and goals were set, and it was really good that the contents fit the children’s interest and level of understanding. My child had been looking forward to joining the class for a week. She asked me: “in how many days will the class begin?” She was excited about using the tablet.

  • Children were actively undertaking tasks.

    It was constructive that there were tasks and group work. It was good that what teachers said was easy to understand and they considered children’s feelings while they taught. The study materials were easy to use and easy for children to memorize. The content is fun and interesting and the facility is nice, too. I liked that the number of people in a class, and the study materials were perfect. When the class begins, I will have my child enroll again.

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