Play! Genius programming schoolTestimonials from parents

  • Using a tablet looked easier than using a mouse.

    Using a tablet looked easier for children to operate than using a mouse. Using a projector was also easier for children to see the contents. It looked difficult to present work corresponding to the movement of the character’s mouth. it was a good challenge. Teachers were very nice too.

  • It was good that children enjoyed the class so much.

    I thought the class was very good because children these days are used to using tablets, so they could freely touch tablets at the same time as receiving directions, and have fun with friends and teachers. My child was looking forward to taking the class, and she actually enjoyed it so much. She was boasting to her older brother and sister about how she used a tablet in the class.

  • It is fun that everyone works on a big screen.

    I thought it was fun that everyone worked on a big screen. Children looked like they were playing an amusement park and having fun. Children felt comfortable moving “People” that they drew themselves. The good thing was that children not only monitor what was going on, but also joined the class actively since “People” would never move unless they moved them by themselves.

  • Children tried tasks over and over again that they were not able to handle well at first, and finally they completed them.

    It was impressive that children were having so much fun in the class. I believe it is necessary for children to have fun learning. Children seemed to be enjoying the class very much thanks to the teachers who taught them in such a bright and cheerful manner. The facility is unique to teamLab, and it is welcoming for children. The quality of materials is really good, and my child is mastering the materials gradually after participating in the class four times so far.

  • The class made students think they wanted to learn and to become able to do more things.

    My child had never used tablets before, but the interface was easy, and he could understand it intuitively. He focused on listening to the teachers. It was a good class that stimulated his curiosity and made him think of being able to do more things although that was his first time using a tablet.

  • The concept of the school is great because it teaches the necessary skills to survive in the upcoming era.

    。I thought it was a very good class because children looked very excited. It is good that the contents are easy for children who are first-time participants. Also, the screen is big and easy to see. The music was very good because it was not disturbing and unique to teamLab. The concept of the school is great because it teaches the necessary skills to survive in the upcoming era.

  • I liked the fun and beautiful videos unique to teamLab.

    I liked the fun and beautiful videos unique to teamLab. It is different from typical programming lessons. It was enjoyable that children could move “People” with an iPad. Children appeared to visually enjoy programming and created various actions.

  • The control tablets and the movement of the big screen were great fun.

    I thought this was truly “teamLab’s work”, because the materials are colorful and easy for children to understand. Children control tablets, and the big screen moves; this is very fun. It was good that children made sounds like “wow” both when the characters acted or did not act in the way they desired.

藤原和博氏セミナー「親は子供に何を残せるのか」 藤原和博氏セミナー「親は子供に何を残せるのか」